25% of 12 year olds are sexually active

Alarming number 1 in 4 12 year olds are sexually active. One in Four, 25%.....Amazing!
Schools teach sex ed in junior high, they have also started teaching abstinence classes. But at this rate, 25% of our pre-teens are having sex before abstinence or sex ed can be taught.
But then sex sells...and in America, we are all about the bottom dollar. Ultimately, it is our children who suffer.
Underwear..The "unseen" clothing has become so sexualized..Are we supposed to think this is how we will look if we buy their product?

Mainstream media has helped our children to be desensitized where sex is concerned.

Sex today has no true meaning. The lines are all blurred. What is it really all about anyway? We are teaching our children that sex has no meaning. If there is no meaning attached, why wait? Sex is everywhere....Even in food.

It's no wonder 25% of our 12 year olds are having sex. Look what we feed them all day long.

It's no longer enough to teach your children to wait, send them out into the world and HOPE you did a good job. We need to take action. Someone needs to know that the acceptance of the commercialization of sex is ruining our youth.

The bottom dollar for a company is nowhere near as important as allowing our children to grow up to be children. To enjoy their youth for as long as possible. Once you head down the road to sex, there really is no turning back. It's not something you can take back or do over.

I don't expect my children to wait until marriage this day in age. I do hope and pray every day that they at least wait until they are out of high school. This day in age, we should be praying they wait until Junior High is over. That's a sad place to be.