Teenagers Part 1

Writing from Thursday March 4th

Today I was called to pick my son up from school. He had a knife in his backpack...Of all thing to not know you had with you! Grounds for immediate expulsion.
I went completely prepared to ream him up one end and down the other. And then I got there and saw him and knew that it was a complete mistake and he really did not realize it was there. He put it there over the weekend when he went somewhere and simply forgot to take it out.
He left his backpack on a lunch table while helping with an assemble and the school security picked it up and went through it. Of all days and all backpacks...
Initially it was just a suspension and then I was called to say he was being referred for expulsion.
That was really hard to deal with. I have a young 14 year old sophomore in High School, taking him away from a good group of friends he has had for years was just not an option. He has good grades, plays sports and has never been in trouble.
And so...We decide to fight it!!!!

I called an old coach from when I went to school there, now the activities director. He know Nathaniel pretty well and was going to speak to the Principal on his behalf.

And now we wait for tomorrow to see what happens when I speak witht he Principal..
boy I hated high school.

Although, i have to agree, he was completely in the wrong and does deserve a punishment.