Teenagers Part 2

Writing from Friday 03-05-10

So... Friday I had some time to gather my thoughts and calm down over the situation.

I called the principal. Left a message, of course and waited. Once he called back, we had a really nice conversation. I was informed how luck my son was, he didn't get arrested. As well, he had some great people on his side who were able to convince the principal to be ok with a stipulated expulsion and allow Nathaniel back in school. However, it wasn't up to him. I still had to go through the Head of pupil Services for approval. It is up to the district.

And now it is off to a phone call to them...Another message and more waiting. I decided that I would call some teachers and ask for their assistance with some letters of recommendation, or character letters more like it.

And now we wait..And I stew and I get more and more angry at the thought of random backpack searches without any probable cause. I keep telling myself to focus on the goal of keeping him in school and worry about this if you really have to fight.

No the weekend wait begins....